Cinnamon Honey Cashew Butter

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Homemade nut butters are amazing!  You can easily customize it to the way you like, and jazz it up with your own mix-ins.

Please don’t try this in a regular blender.  I use a Vitamix 750.  If you don’t have that, follow the instructions for a food processor version (…

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Summer Salad

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This is one of my all-time favorite salads.  It’s light, refreshing, and just screams summer!  The best thing is that I made it in less than 10 minutes.


The dressing recipe is approximately what I usually use.  I don’t really measure, just eyeball it.  If it’s too tart, add …


Creamy Basil Pesto Dip

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I actually made this dip for a contest I entered on  I love my AeroGarden. If you aren’t familiar, they’re indoor aeroponic gardens in which you can grow herbs, flowers, and veggies year round.  It uses just water and nutrients.  So simple.  This recipe was inspired by the always …


Aged balsamic vinegar and ice cream

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Until recently, I thought that balsamic vinegar came from the supermarket and costed a few bucks. On December 25th, 2012, my mind was BLOWN. My brother and sister got me a bottle of aged balsamic for Christmas. They gave me a 250 ML bottle of Botte Piccola aged balsamic (…


Lemon Basil Salt

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Salt is delicious.  Sometimes people wonder why what I serve them tastes so good.  Spoiler: I put salt and butter in everything. I’m not claiming to be the world’s healthiest cook…and we all know a certain dietitian friend of mine hates how much salt I put in food.

This salt …


Apple Cider Cocktail

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So you’ve made your apple cinnamon infused vodka, now what?  This is my favorite way to use it, but if you have others, please share it with me!

In a short glass, mix 1 part vodka with 3 parts fresh apple cider and add a few ice cubes.  For …


Homemade apple cinnamon infused vodka

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A few weeks ago, my friends and I met at Hersh’s Pizza in Federal Hill ( for happy hour.  They have a great assortment of thin crust pizzas with a number of unique toppings.  Arugula and pistachio? Not a combination I would have ever thought of, but it was delicious.…


No recipe needed – Roasted tomatoes

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These roasted tomatoes are so simple you don’t really even need a recipe for them.  I choose to add a few things to make them even tastier, but you could easily roast your tomatoes with just olive oil, salt & pepper and still have them be delicious.

To start, preheat …


This post is hot hot hot

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This past week on my way downtown, Eddie and I were in a car accident.  Yes, we’re ok; No, it wasn’t my fault.  The person is front of us decided that a green light on a busy street during rush hour was a perfect place to come to a sudden …


Blueberry compote

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On a whim I purchased an ice cream maker from Woot.Com .   It’s been a great investment and a really fun way to try new ice cream flavors you wouldn’t think of, like pumpkin pie.

After making several batches of ice cream, I decided to come up with a way …