Let me guess, making popcorn for you means: Placing a bag in the microwave (this side up) for three minutes.  If this sounds like you, I’ve got news for you, you aren’t enjoying popcorn to it’s full potential.

I haven’t had microwaved popcorn in years, ever since I discovered it didn’t really take that long to make on the stove, and it taste so much better.  Actually, my mom claims that she didn’t even have a microwave as a kid. I can’t tell if she is serious, or if this is just one of this “I had to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to school,” stories.

Anyway, so back to the popcorn.  It’s so simple.  All you need is:

What you need:

1/4 Cup of popcorn kernels
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2.5 tablespoons of butter
Old bay seasoning (optional, but you would be crazy to not use this)

3qt pot with lid

Begin by putting the vegetable oil in the pot over medium-high heat.  Add a few (3-4) kernels to the pot and put the lid on.  Wait until the first kernel pops and then quickly add the rest of the popcorn and place lid back on.  If lid doesn’t have a vent, hold lid on pot so that a little air can escape.  Shake pot around so popcorn won’t burn.  Continue to watch the popcorn and shake the pot until popping has stopped.  Remove pot from heat.  Wait a few seconds before removing lid to make sure corn is done popping.  (I’m always too impatient for this and popcorn always goes flying for that reason.)

Put the butter in a microwavable safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds.  Pour melted butter over popcorn, put lid on pot, and give it a good shake.  Now sprinkle some Old Bay on the popcorn (or salt if you don’t like Old Bay) and give it another good shake.

Serve and enjoy.