In this cherry on top post, we’ll explore a nice way to present lemon wedges which led to me accidentally “proposing” to my friend Amy.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon in late fall. Perfect temperature outside. I called up my friend Amy and asked if she wanted to go to dinner in Fell’s point (Baltimore, MD). Amy and I met in college, and she has since bought a house in the same neighborhood as me, just minutes away. Since she had never been there before I picked the place, one of my favorites, Mezze ( Mezze is a tapas style restaurant where everyone orders a few dishes and they come out whenever they are ready.

It just so happened that the last dish to come out was one that I had ordered, the chicken kabobs. The waiter presented the dish and walked away. As I was about to devour the delicious food placed in front of me, I noticed a strange look on Amy’s face. I reassured her that it was what I ordered and it wasn’t a mistake. I then proceeded to pick a kabob to put on my plate, all the while Amy was still giving me an odd look. I asked her if something was wrong, but she shook her head indicating there wasn’t.

A few more minutes of awkward tension (created by Amy’s suspicious smile) passed before I made her tell me what was wrong. “So, you aren’t going to say anything,” said Amy. I questioned what she was referring to. “About the gift on the plate,” said Amy. Puzzled, I took another look at the plate. “You mean the lemon wedge wrapped in cheesecloth,” I questioned. At that point Amy and I both burst out into laughter. She told me that when the dish arrived at the table, she assumed that it was either A) A ring I was presenting her OR B) A mistake meant for a different table. To be clear, Amy and I aren’t dating (or ever have).

In Amy’s defense, the wedge was wrapped in colored cheese cloth, making it hard to see through. For the record though, if I was going to present a ring with food, I wouldn’t do it over a plate of chicken. I’ll let you be the judge:

Anyway, so, by now you have figured out the cherry on top tip. Wrapping lemon wedges in cheesecloth (available in most supermarkets) and tying them with strings is a nice way to present lemons. Not only does it look fancy, it keeps the seeds from ending up in your food. Just be aware, that it could be misconstrued as an engagement ring.