My friend from college, Ryan, and I decided to take advantage of Baltimore’s Winter Restaurant Week this past Monday.  If you live in a city that offers Restaurant week specials, I recommend that you participate in them.  In Baltimore, you get a 3 course dinner for $35.11 + tax & tip.  This is the second time that I have taken advantage of Baltimore RW and am happy that I did.

I arrived at Blue Hill Tavern a few minutes before Ryan (who was late!).  Ryan claims it was because he had to walk “over a mile in the cold,” but I saw where he parked… not a mile away.  Also, I should note that they have FREE valet parking which he could have used.  I won’t hold Ryan’s punctuality against the restaurant though.  As soon as I walked in door, I was greeted by the host.  She offered the free coat room service to me, but I declined because I was still a little chilly from the frigid temperatures outside.  I decided to wait at the front for Ryan to arrive and admire the decor.

The restaurant was very well put together.  It had a great elegant feel to it, but not in a stuffy sort of way.  I guess I would say it was modern casual (Mom would do a much better job coming up with a name for it if I took her there).

Once Ryan arrived we were seated at our table.  The wait staff was very attentive in taking our order, bringing us fresh bread, and removing plates when needed.  I decided upon the Natty Boh Cheese Soup, New York Strip, and Black Forest Crumble for dessert.

Before getting our appetizers we were served some delicious fresh bread with a small plate each of oil and butter.  The one bread I thought was going to be wheat was actually a delightful cinnamon raisin bread, one of my favorites.  Our appetizers came quickly after the bread.  I thought the cheese soup was good, and the finger sandwiches for dipping were a nice touch.  The NY Strip was cooked exactly as requested, medium, and served with mashed potatoes and haricot vert (a.k.a. green beans). The roasted red pepper jus served over the steak was a great addition.  It added the perfect flavor without overpowering the steak.  Up next was dessert.  The dessert a very rich chocolate dish with fruit and ice cream.  While it was delicious, I probably would have served a smaller portion as neither one of us could finish our desserts.

Overall Blue Hill Tavern is a must if you are in Baltimore.  Everything from decor, the outstanding service from the wait staff, to the food is spot on.  My only complaint was that the poritons may have been too large.  Both of us were so full after dessert that we could barely move.

(Next time I won’t forget my camera for some photos of the food)

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