Photo idea: Jackie Winslow in response to a desperate last minute tweet when I realized I didn’t have a picture for this post.

Warning, Valentine’s day isn’t that far away! Valentine’s day is about more than just asking your significant other out for a nice meal only to find out that you aren’t even dating and are “just friends”.  Or paying $140 for a Lobster dinner only for them to invite their friend out to the bar after dinner to tag along for the remainder of the evening (true story).  It’s also about cards, and chocolate and flowers and jewelry and other stuff that she says you “don’t have to buy” but really means: you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to date anymore.

One of my favorite Valentine’s day experiences would have to be last year.  I invited a friend out to dinner for Schmalentine’s Day (friends only) at the Hamilton Tavern ( for some garlic and onion themed dishes.  Still wanting to be a gentleman I offered to pick her up.  The 2 weeks prior it had snowed 20-30 inches in Baltimore.  Apparently Baltimore City hasn’t caught onto the whole snow plow concept yet.  Anyway, so I leave the house in my Prius, you know that super powerful car with lots of horsepower. No, wait, I’m thinking of a hummer, my Prius isn’t that powerful at all.  I turned down the street to her house only to realize there was no way the Prius was making it down.

What’s a gentleman to do?  Call the lady up and make her walk through the snow to the next cleared street in her nice outfit and shoes.  All in all we had a good laugh about it, a great meal, and great time.

This Valentine’s day, when you are looking for your card, don’t pick one up at the drug store on your way home from work, order a special one from a place like LarsLove Designs. LarsLove has very creative designs which can be customized to your liking for an additional charge.  They’re sure to win over you lover’s heart.