Sure, writing about fast food is probably the #1 rule of what you aren’t supposed to do as a food blogger.  I don’t care, there are some of you that need this advice.

It comes as a shock to me that I even have to write this post.  I assumed that all people knew when March first came around, you went to McDonald’s and got a Shamrock shake.  Apparently this isn’t true.  Just last week I was discussing my excitement for the return of the Shamrock shake with some coworkers and they just starred at me with puzzled eyes.

Ok, so what is a Shamrock shake?  It’s a special St. Patrick’s day milkshake from McDonald’s.  It only comes around from late February through mid-late March depending on quickly they run out of the syrup.  I think the flavor is suppossed to be some kind of mint, but all you need to know is it is AMAZING.

When I went to get my first one today, I walked into the McDonald’s by work and ordered one.  The cashier had to ask her coworker “What’s a Shamrock shake?”  I could see this wasn’t going to go well.  Apparently that McDonald’s didn’t get them in yet.  If I had no self control, things would have gotten violent.  Instead, I just stood there. She attempted to offer me something else, but I was unresponsive.  I don’t even recall saying anything, I just turned around and left.

Cut forward to my ride home from Trivia night.  I found the shake in all its glory.  I was even able to not drink any of it  for the 10 minute car ride home to take a picture.


  • They now attempt to put whipped cream and a cherry on the Shake.  This is an egregious mistake.  Get it plain.
  • They now come in clear cups, so it makes it impossible to drink it on the car ride home if you want to take a picture of it for your blog.  Last year’s white cups would have made that much easier.

Don’t run into the same situation as me, track the shake down using this Shamrock Shake finder website: