Looking for a fun Saturday afternoon activity around Baltimore?  Like beer?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  I have the perfect suggestion for you, take a tour of a local brewery or wine vineyard. Those of you that know me, know that I spend a lot of time helping small businesses grow, promoting them, and buying from them myself.  I’m glad to now have another favorite local brewery to add to my fridge.

This past weekend we decided to take a tour of a local brewery right outside of Baltimore to learn more about how Heavy Seas Beer was made.

You can reserve your spots for the tour on Heavy Seas’s website (http://www.hsbeer.com/).  The tour is free to kids and those that don’t want to drink, for everyone else it is $5.  The $5 includes a glass you get to keep and 5 tokens which you can turn in for 5 sample sized portions of a selection of their beers they have on tap.

We arrived a little before the tour and had a chance to sample a few beers before starting.  Once the tour started we were led through the stages of beer making by the energetic and charismatic founder and managing partner, Hugh Sisson.  Hugh was an excellent tour guide who (understandably) knew his beer.  He was comedic and educational at the same time.

The tour included sensory aids such as smelling hops and tasting barley.  You can really see where the flavors in beer come from.  The tour gives you a better appreciation for your beer as well as an understand of the terms beer drinkers use to describe beer.  As the tour concludes you are led back out to the bar area to use your remaining tokens, buy some souvenirs and beer to go.

As is evident by the fact there was only one beer left when I just went to take the header picture, the beer tastes good too! Overall, for $5 per person, you really can’t beat this deal.