• •Fresh homemade or store-bought pesto
  • •1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms
  • •1/2 cup of grape tomatoes, sliced in half
  • •1 shallot, thinly sliced
  • •1 clove of garlic, minced
  • •2 table spoons of butter
  • •1 boneless skinless chicken breast
  • •Salt and Pepper

This “Single Servings” recipe was inspired by how dirty my house is.  It’s way too messy to invite other people over for dinner, and I don’t really do leftovers, so cooking for one it is.

The true inspiration for the dish came from the surplus of basil growing in my indoor herb garden.  It was taking over the place so I had to find a good use for it.  I whipped some basil pesto by loosely following the measurements in Ina Garten’s Pesto (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/pesto-recipe/index.html).  Feel free to sub store-bought pesto instead.



  1. In a small fry pan, melt two tablespoons of butter over medium heat
  2. Add mushrooms, tomatoes and shallot and saute for about 10 minutes
  3. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the pan and stir making sure the veggies don’t burn
  4. Meanwhile, while veggies are sauteing, coat both sides of the chicken with a few spoonfuls of pesto and preheat grill to medium heat
  5. Once hot, place the chicken on the grill
  6. After the veggies have sautéed for about 10 minutes, add in the garlic and a spoonful of the pesto and stir, and saute for three minutes or until veggies are done to your liking, then remove from heat
  7. Flip the chicken on the grill after about 4-5 minutes.  Top with a spoonful of the pesto to baste.  Grill for another 4-5 minutes until cooked
  8. Plate the sautéed veggies first, then place the pesto chicken on top