For those of you that don’t know, I live in Baltimore, MD.  To be more specific I live in the Hamilton-Lauraville area of Baltimore.  One of my favorite things about the area is the neighborhood’s commitment to small and local businesses.  Chain stores aren’t too common in my area, though when they are willing to work with the community we support them too. However, local businesses are plentiful and popping up all the time.

Of all the small businesses in my area, the restaurants seems to be getting a lot of attention right now.  We have had several amazing local restaurants open up over the past few years, and our existing ones have continued to show their outstanding commitment to the area.

I wanted to take the time to recognize The Chameleon Cafe, a fine dining restaurant in the neighborhood.  The Chameleon Cafe does an amazing job of using seasonally available produce, from small local farms.  Embracing the trending concept of “Farm to Table”, Chameleon Cafe offers some of the most amazing food you will find in Baltimore.  The hard work that owner Jeff Smith puts into his dishes shines through in every meal you have at The Chameleon.

The Chameleon Cafe just won an award for having the best Pates & Terrines in the Nation!  The Chameleon is one of the most recent receipients of a Good Foods Award (  They won with their chicken liver pate. 

Congratulations to Jeff, his staff, and family, on all their hard work and dedication.

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